Advocacy Group in Vermont

Advocacy For Children is a service of LawTemps, LawTemps, LLC
860 Herrick Road, Benson, Vermont 05743 Telephone: (802) 537-3022
Web Site: e-mail: or

Services Include:

1. Parent self-help information resources.

2. Due Process Hearing litigation.

3. Advocacy For Children is the only paralegal group in Vermont specializing in Special Education law (including Section 504 matters) providing direct representation of students and parents.

4. Advocacy For Children limits its representation to children whose parents do not have the financial ability to retain legal counsel.

5. LawTemps is a civil litigation support group providing services, including legal research, pre-trial, and trial support, to licensed attorneys in the state of Vermont. The majority of our work is limited to Lender Liability and Unfair Claims Practices matters.