Parent's Name Pen Pal Parent's email Daughter/Son Age Interests
Lin daughter 4 Television, Drawing, Music
Elise & Fred son 5 This family lives in Holland
Carol son 6 computer, swimming
Laure daughter 6 Arts & crafts, soccer, Arthur (on PBS),School
Barry daughter 6 American Girl Books, Pokemon, Ferrets, Beanies
Donna daughter 6 Nintendo & computer games, Girl Scouts, Soccer
Victoria son 6 Computers, Hot Wheels, Cars, Books, Music
Jennifer daughter 6 Gymnastics, animals, sports, dolls
Marietta son 6 Cars. From the Netherlands
Danielle son 6 12/02 Sponge Bob, Dad's tools & shop, Math
Marilyn daughter 7 Reading, Drawing, Gymnastics, Dance
Patty daughter 7 (12/06) Ballet, Computers, Art, Musical theater and Fashion
Leesa son 7 Imaginative play, Superheros, Sports, Video games
Ashley son 7 (7/03) Pokemon, Nascar, Wrestling, Karate, Dancing
Ray & Tammy daughter 7 -
Catherine son 7.5 Basketball, History, Biographies, Pokemon, Gameboy, Cartoons
Margaret daughter 7.5 Swimming, Reading, Cooking, Writing
Susan daughter 7.5 Wolves, Nature, Family, Drawing, Classical Music
Jeanette son 8 Pokemon, Fish, Fishing, Biology
Barbara son 8 Scary movies, Science, Crafty things
Gail son 8 Video Games, Pokemon, Computers
Libby daughter 8.5 Animals, TV, Harry Potter, Movies, Music, Soccer, Swimming
Lisa daughter 8.5 Drama, Music, Fairy tales, Fantasy, Victorian things, Dogs, Horses
Michele daughter 8 Cats, Nickelodeon, Video games, American girls
Carrie daughter 8 Britney Spears, Shania Twain, Swimming, Baseball, Learning about new things
Margaret daughter 8 Swimming, Singing, Writing
Lorraine son 8 submarines, legos, cooking, typing
Karen son 8 Marine biology
Stephen son 8 Computers, Video games
Anne  son 8 Archeology, ancient things, Roman history, Pokemon
Michael and Tania son 8 Nintendo, Legos, swimming, Trampoline, Action figures and Transformers, his Hamster 
Helene mjw32@csufresno.ed son 8 Hotwheel cars, Play station, Puppets, Books
Laure daughter 8 Swimming, Soccer, Playing with friends
Alisa daughter 8 reading, dolls, barbies, Mary Kate and Ashley
Karen son 8 Dinosaurs, Gameboy, Movies, Computer games, Soccer, Biking
Sandy daughter 9 Rollerblading, Dogs, Ice skating, Horses, Soccer, Reading, Softball
June son 9 Wrestling, Computers, Reading, Video games
Frieda son 9 Harry Potter, Collecting coins, stamps & rocks, Music, Cello9
Cheryl son 9 Basketball, Magic, Scooters, Football, Wrestling, Snowmobiling
Lori daughter 9 (4/06) Writing stories, Playing softball, Watching movies, Playing with friends
Julie daughter 9 (1/04) Writing, Singing, Fantasy
Francie daughter 9 Barbies, Reading, Singing, Computers
Cheryl & Chris daughter 9 Collecting, Biking, Swimming, Reading, People who understand
Cathy daughter 9 Animals, Reading, Swimming
David daughter 9 Art, gymnastics, track, music
Conny daughter 9 Firebrigades, Sirens
Lori son (a twin) 9 Farming, Animals, Reading, Swimming, Soccer
Lori son (a twin) 9 Firefighting, Swimming, Soccer, Hockey, Baseball
son 9 (8/03) Coin collecting, Rock collecting, Comedian, Sticks, Animals
Kate son 9 Science facts, Helping children with special needs
Moira son 9 Emergency vehicles & procedures, Hockey, Military stuff
Bill son 9 Videos, Technology, Reading
Sharon son 9 Pokemon, Nintendo, Dodge Ball, Titanic
(unknown) daughter 9 Crafts, Bicycling, Making up stories
Barb son 9 Video games, Scary Movies, anything Outdoors
Serina girl 9 Loves the outdoors, Pop music
Dayle son 9 ?
Elizabeth daughter 9(11/06) animals, reading, music, drama, writing
Kristine son 9.5 Harry Potter, Marine Biology, Movies, Swimming, Computer games, Chess
Carol son 9 Coin collecting, Cats, Plants, Weather, Italy, Sushi
Sue daughter 15 Natural science, Czechoslovakian folkdance, Acting, Harry Potter and Fellowship of the Ring, Friends, Writing, Neighborhood band
Kim son 10 (4/09) Bakugan, Playstation, WII, DS, Karate, Surfing, Skating, Handball, Reading, Playing tag, Roller Coasters
Karen son 10 Biking, Reading, Spelling, Rollerblading, Swimming
Doug son 10 Football, Anything technical, Taking things apart
George & Gail son 10 Computers, Pokemon, Music, Nintendo 64, Gameboy, Drawing
Mariann and Tim son 10 Rollerblading, Camping, Bike riding, Fishing
Cathy daughter 10 Gameboy, Basketball, Swimming, Nature, Music, Skating, Rock climbing, Reading 
Diane daughter 10 (4/03) Making it through each day with a smile.
David daughter 10 (4/03)
Carol daughter 10 Music, Olsen Twins, Fashion, Movies, Shopping, Basketball, Biking
Virginia daughter 10 Reading, Music, Swimming
Shahin daughter 10 Reading, Soccer, Shopping
Tracy daughter 10 Frog catching, Rollerskating, Biking, Swimming
Maureen daughter 10 Figure skating, Music, Movies
Hope daughter 10 Music, Talking, School
Cathy son 10 Birds, Gaming, Pokemon, Nascar
Ted son 10 Art, Science, Swimming, Music
Barbara son 10 Hockey, Baseball
David daughter 10 Nature, Basketball, other Sports
Freda daughter 10 Dogs, Backstreet Boys, Video Games
Denise daughter 10 Irish Dancing
Francie daughter  10 Acting, Singing, Roller blading, Anything to do with Math and Egypt
Christina daughter 10 Archery, Sewing, Beading
Karen Kardavno@aol.comq son 10 Science, Biking, Rollerblading, Swimming, Hiking
Michelle son 10 Reading, Reading and Reading
Lisa son 10 (2/04) Inventing, Taking things apart, Tae kwon do, Remote control vehicles
Heather & Dave daughter 10 Reading, Fashion, Music groups, Dancing, Friends
Karen daughter 10 Music, Animals, Outdoors, the Ocean
Mary son 10.5 Sports, Reading, Computer games, Playing outside.
Susan son 10 Bood, Talking to adults, Riding bike, scooter, God, Religion
Rick son 10 Football, Basketball, Playstation Games, Planets, Science
Belinda son 10 Playstation, Animals, REading, DragonballZ, Football
Kendal daughter 10 Cartoon Network, DragonballZ, Drawing
Carla daughter 101/2 (7/07) Reading, DS, Animals, TV, Girl Scouts
Maria hoksenberg@kka,cin daughter 11 Movies, Reading, Helping other children with disabilities, Making friends
Cheryl son 11 Animals, Pokemon, Playing Chess, Mario and Pinball
Caroline son 11 Computers, Pokemon, Playing with Friends, Reading
Pat wroed@oberon.ark.ocm son 11 Pokemn, REading, Drawing, TV, Computer and food, Writing stories, Jokes
Randy son 11 Computers, Pokeman, All video games, Karate, Skiing
Julie son 11 Reading, Riding his bike, Gameboy, Computer
E.G. son 11 Bugs, computer, Pokemon, Reading, Swimming
Molly daughter 11 Swimming, My cat, Sailor moon, Horses, Dogs, Riding my bike, sledding, Reading
Andrea daughter 11 Animals, TV
Rosemary daughter 11 Mysteries, Internet, Babyz
Julie daughter 11 Music, Band, choir, Computer, Pepclub
Ester daughter 11 Flute, Reading, Horseback riding
Nancy daughter 11 Cats, TV, Beanie Babies
Beth daughter 11 Reading, Playing with cousins, Trips with the family
Chris son 11 Nintendo, Gameboy, Swimming, Skiing, Computer games
Carol son 11 Taekwondo, Bike riding, Pokemon, Boy Scouts 
Bonnie daughter 11 Gameboy, TV, Swimmming, Cats
Carrie daughter 11 Makeup, Fashion, Writing, Music
Beverly son 11 Snowmobiling
Karen son 11 Everything
Jane son 11 (7/03) computer games, skiing, swimming, bike riding, reading,- science fiction especially
Archana daughter 11 Reading, Swimming, Playing with dollhouse
Judy son 11 Music, Fishing, Outdoor activities
Mary Jo son 11 Drama, Horseback riding, Swim team, Scouts
Jan daughter  11.5 (5/04) Piano, Singing, Cooking, Quilting
Sandra Bagpuss@sschofield.fs daughter 11 Sports, Swimming, Reading, Emailing, Hanging out
Nannette son 12 Reading trivia cards, Aimanacs and yearbooks, History
Linda daughter 12 Swimming, Biking
Meg daughter 12 Reading, Mary Kate & Ashley Olson, Teen recording artists
Petra daughter 12 Music, Art, Computers, Sketching, Reading
Jane son 12 Computers, Biking, Rock-climbing, Reading
Donna son 12 Scouting, Reading
Linda son 12 Skiing, Weight lifting, Rollerblading, Dogs, Animals
Sandy son 12 Hockey, Baseball, Sports, Comedy Shows
Jeannie son 12 Bike riding, Legos, Swimming, Video Games
Gina daughter 12 Poetry, Music, Theatre
Sandy son 12 Hockey,Pokemon cards
Deborah son 12 Reading, Choir, Sports, Video Games, Friends
Bo daughter 12 Horseback riding, Basketball, Music, Movies
Pat & Tom son 12 Magic cards, Pokemon cards, Football fantasy, Computer games
Sara son 12 Titanic information, Music, Writing
Marlene son 12 N64, TV
Denise daughter 12 Horses, Music
Elaine son 12 64 and Playstation games
Jackie daughter 12 Drawing, Music, TV
Cheryl mcaj@wirural,.net son 12 Loves dogs, animals, Garfield comics, Loves to draw
Mary son 12 Football
Laurie son 12 Soccer, Authroing websites, Nintendo, from Canada 
Kathy son 13 Aviation, Weather, Animals, Computers, Nintendo, Biking

 Trace son 13 (3/09) Harry Potter, Science, Computers/Video Games, Sports, Dolphins
Jill son 13 Baseball, socccer, tennis, Pokeman cards, Instant Messaging on AOL, movies
Susan son 13 Computer, Nintendo, Music
Robert son 13 Baseball Cards
Cheryl son 13 Computers, Reading books, Video games
Bob & Deb daughter 13 Sports, Mall, Phone, Hangin' out with friends, Boys, Music
Lisa daughter 13 Liberal arts, Writing poetry
Joelle daughter 13 Music, Music, Music!, Swimming, Boys
Marj daughter 13 Computer, Reading
Danielle daughter 13 (4/09) Music, Karate, Dodge ball, Basketball, Synchronized swimming, Soccer, Baseball, history, writing poetry, protecting the environment
Marilyn daughter 13 Reading, Films, Internet, Theater group, Cats, Journal writing, living in Germany
Shane daughter 13 Reading (Babysitters Club), Video games, Seventh Heaven TV Show
Dee son 13 email, Instant Messages (IM), 7th grade
Elaine son 13 Science, Science Fiction, Pokeman
Julie son 13 9/02 Reading, Computer, Video games
Winnie son 13 Computers, Nintendo 64, James Bond
Nancy son 13 Computers, Star Wars, Movies, Video games, Reading
Sandra son 13 Building things, Mechanically inclined, Outdoor interests
Denise son 13 --
Kellye daughter 13 Reading (Baby Sitter's Club) Video games, Music
Dee son 13 4 Wheeler, Wave runners, Swimming, wwf
Donna son 13 Reading, Computers, Science fiction, Cat, Astronomy
Joanne daughter 13 Talking, Playing outside, Hanging out, Boys


daughter 13 Playstation2, Gamecube, Pokemon, cats, Anime, Zatch Bell, karate, Japan, Manga, softball, dodgeball, ratball
Kelly son 13 (6/06) movies, books (Elder), videogames - Kingdom Hearts 2
Julie son 13 10/02
Shelley son 13.5 3/04 Computers, Violin, Electronics
Cheryl son 14 Computers, Animals, Science
Deborah son 14 Computers, Reading, Video Games
Mary Lou son 14 Playing Guitar, Cross country running, Track, Computer flight simulation, Monty Python kind of humor
Lesley son 14 Music, Acting, Reading, Movies, Animals, Computers, Game shows
Mary son 14 10/02


Skateboarding, Guitar, Hiking in the woods, Computer simulator games (Flight, Trains)
Emily son 14.5 (6/03) Nintendo, Wrestling, Computers, Reading, Animals
Carolyn daughter 14 Dance, TV, Pop music, Teen girl stuff
Kenneth daughter 14 Reading, Swimming, Writing
Joelle daughter 14 Music, Volunteer job, Animals
Billie daughter 14 9/02 Drama, Writing poetry, Music, Animals, Computer and Making New Friends
Carrie daughter 14 4/04 Rock music, Poetry, Writing, Internet, Hockey, Making friends
Robin son 14 Reading science mags, Watching History, Learning and Discovery Channels, Building projects, Welding, Camping, Dirt bike riding
Liz daughter 14 Fashion, Writing
Nisa kreppert@prodigy.netq son 14 Writing, Music, Games
Janine son 14 Computer, Football, Bike ramping
Kathy son 15 Wrestling, Writing, Pokemon
Jill son 15 World Politics, US Politics, History, Baseball, Dogs, Why parents are so demanding
Mary son 15 Basketball
Helen daughter 15 Music, Drama, Spectator Sports, Singing, Animals
Judy daughter 15 (8/03) Acting, Poetry, Reading, Internet, Animals, Making a Friend
Kathy son 15 (8/02) Computers, Reading, Writing, Cats
Cecilia son 15 Computers, Tennis, Marching band, Music, Musical theatre
Helen daughter 15 Music, Theater, Acting, Singing, Spectator Sports
Nancy daughter 15 Music, Singing, Drama, NSync, Etcboy bands, Movies, Boys
Carol daughter 15 Music, Movies, Sports, To find a true friend
Jackie daughter 15 Hockey, Soccer, Skiing, Volleyball
Carol daughter 15 Roller blading, Animals (Dogs, rabbits, Fish) EMT
Sara daughter 15 Rock music, Fashion, Makeup, Literature, Reading
Connie daughter 15 hamsters, dance, phone, friends


daughter 15 (6/06) anime, alternative music,art, animals,community service at therapeutic riding facility
Don & Nancy


daughter 15 (8/07) Animals, Reading, Beach, Bicycle, Field Hockey, Music
ill daughter 16 Horses, Listening to music and Hanging with friends
Jeanne daughter 16 Horseback riding, Music, Reading, Movies, TV
Christine daughter 16 Music, Guitar, Shopping
Alan daughter 16 Reading, Animals, Babies
Robin daughter 16 Reading, TV, Youth groups
Carol son 16 Computers, Movies, Video games, Reading
JL son 16 Music, TV, A lot more, from the Netherlands
Paula son 16 Baseball
Dee son 16 (12/02) Computers, 4 wheelers, local politics, video games
Joyce daughter 16 Punk, Metal, Rock music, Writing poetry, Reading, Writing stories, Fashion
Linda son 16 Science, Astronomy, Popular music
Anneli (her name) daughter 16 Running, Singing, Reading
Cynthia daughter 16 10/02 Astrology, Listening to radio, V+-*ideo games, Movies, Reading, Meeting people
Phillip daughter 17 Sports, Some books, Listening to music, Traveling
Kathryn son1 17 Soccer, Weight lifting, Playstation, Music, Honda CRX
Doreen son 17 Music, Computers, Literature
Nancy son 17 Music
Laurel son 17 Japanese anime, Power Rangers, History, Drawing
Jeanne daughter 17 Horses, Reading, TV, XFiles, Roswell, Animals
Lucy daughter 17 Writing
Brian & Ely daughter 17 Rock music, Computers
Penny daughter 17 Sailor Moon, Anime, Reading, Listening to music, Eating, Sleeping,
Dave daughter 17 Theatre, getting ready for college
Patti daughter 17 (4/04) Theatre, music, watching sports
Pat son 17 Aviation, Weather, Birds
Doreen son 17 Music, Computers, Literature
Connie son 17 Movies, Reading, Science, Martial arts, Computers, Science fiction, Writing stories