Note:  10-6-02 The date of entrance into the Pen Pal List is now being added.  If you need to change your age, please email NLDline and give that information.

Pen Pal's Name Pen Pal email Male/Female Age Interests
Judy female 18 Swimming, Movies, Shopping, Acting
Julia  female 18 (6/06) Film, Film history, Science Fiction, Fantasy and all kinds of Music
Truly female 18 Swimming, Horses, Children
Michael male 18 Anything
Dee male 18 Rock music, wwf, college basketball, food, cooking 
Emily female 18 Current events, politics, history, journalism, media
Ron Rocky63215@YAHOO.COM male 18 Sports, Poetry, Watching movies, Talking on the phone
Kris male 19 Playing the drums, dogs, music
Gen female 19 Computer, Tech theatre, Writing
James male 19 Writing, reading and movies
Shandra female 19 10/02 Shopping, Music, Reading, Movies
Mike male 19 (3/07) Movies,
Collecting pez dispensers,
Delivering newspapers
Sara female 20 (3/09) art and museums, walking, music, meditation and volunteer work.
Sue female 20 Reading, Movies, Jigsaw Puzzles
Lynn male 20 Reading, Writing, Sports, Music, Church (LDS)
Shauna shauna41@MAC.COM female 20 Reading, Computers, Animals


female 20 (1/04) Music (vintage rock, guitar) poetry, studies in government and theology
Bob male 20 (12/06) Computers, Automobiles, Going to the movies, Working out 3x a week
Sue and Rob female 21 Reading, Movies, Horses, Puzzles, Skiing
Scott male 21(3/09) Baseball, Football, Skateboarding,  Friends
Honey male 22 College senior
Attilio female 23 Walking the dog, Listening to music
Paul male 23 Writing, reading, computer, the beach
Joe male 23 Pro wrestling, Cooking, Alternative Rock music
Liz female 23 Horses, Writing, Visual arts, Computers
Joe male 23 (1/ 07) Pro wrestling, Cooking, Alternative Rock music
Georgia female 24 Going to concerts (especially DMB and John Mayer), Playing sports, Hanging out with friends
Devin female 24 Reading, Running, Dogs, Bird watching, Politics
Chris male 24 (9/03) Reading, Movies, Spending time in Greece, the Beach
Joanne male 25
Judd male 25 (4/04) WWE, Simpsons, Sports, Current events, Politics
Amy female 26 Pomeranians, Playing my trumpet, Cooking, Hiking


male 26 (8/07) Traveling, Music, Volunteering
Louise female 27 Shopping, Movies, TV, Reading
Mariko (Japan) female 28 Traveling, Cooking, Driving  (10-6-02)
Michelle female 28
Julie female 31 (5/04) Reading, Walking, Singing
Jennifer female 29 Singing, Writing, Being with Friends
Jill female 29 science fiction, Spanish, reading, writing, acting and poodles
Kent male 30 Computer, Travel, Music, Dining out, Talking
Anthony male 30 Science, Computers, Philosophy, Metaphysics, Music, Nature
Robin female 30 Crossword puzzles, jigsaw puzzles, cross stitch


female 30 (1/04) reading, writing, camping
Carla female 31 Poetry, Shopping, Traveling, Sports, Puzzles
Donald male 31 -----
---- female 35 Religion, married life, 3 children
Lisa female 36 ----
Rick male 37 Hiking, Photography, PC, Landscaping, Winter climbing 
Janet female 38 Reading, Music, Movies
Martina female 44 (8/06) Reading thrillers by Ruth Rendell, Peter Robinson etc; Drawing, Painting (water color), Hiking
Hope female 44 Books, Movies, Theatre, Music, Sports, Working out
Gloria female 48 Non-fiction, Writing, Cooking, Basenjis, Metaphysics, Almost everything
Roberta female 47 Homemaker of 5 recently diagnosed with NLD