Nonverbal Learning Disorder

Nonverbal learning disorder

Often too truthful

Never lie

Verbal arguments always won

Everybody says weíre

Radioactive when we have our meltdowns

But really weíre just

All wound up and find some easy things

Laborious, especially pencil tasks

Late assignments because we didnít realize you meant turn it in when you      set out a file but said nothing

Encumbarence, thatís what a pencil is to our expressions

Amicable, amygbule (a small gas bubble in lava)

Refuse what you assume we know to follow

Noxious response to novel

Intrude because we miss your cues

Numerator, we respond to concrete data

Good Samaritan


Intros to novel make us shudder

Stepping stone for bullies

Offside often

Rattled easily

Double standards make us fume

Endearing to all who understand us

Retain facts, miss whatís in between the lines


nonverbal learning disorder,

thatís my learning style


                             -by Zac Whitney

                                     April, 2001