Why kids with NLD are proud of themselves:
(Much thanks to John Goodfellow for the original idea
"Why Men are Proud of Themselves)

by Zac Whitney

We know stuff about electronics, video games and we can program the VCR to record stuff

A five day trip requires one wad of clothes, randomly selected (all socks and underware are good for at least two days)

We can leave a room in a mess thereby wasting no energy on clean-up 

Family chores take care of themselves

All clothing is selected for fit and softness; Fashion conscious is an oxymoron

We can talk all the time, watch TV with a friend for hours and never notice a parent trying to get our attention

We are not expected to know to apologize for gastrointestinal eruptions: a few belches are expected and tolerated at each social gathering

We're totally unaware of wrinkles in our clothes

The same hairstyle lasts a lifetime

We groom our nails with our teeth

If it's a verbal argument: we've won before it starts

We can write really well (even if no one can read our handwriting)

We're the REAL Vulcans!