Career Book for NLD Adults

I'm working on a book about NLD issues in the workplace. I'm looking for stories and essays by
adults in mid-career about their work experiences. Many NLD adults have several college degrees, yet have had continuing career struggles. Yet NLD individuals have lots of wonderful characteristics that can be useful in the "right" work environment.  But it can be very difficult to find the job that will make allowances and accommodations for our disabilities while making our abilities shine.

A lot of people don't understand how someone who seems so "normal" or "bright"  has such problems with certain things.  We need some way to educate the professionals, and to make ourselves better understood. That is why this book is needed. I've offered to compile and edit stories of NLDer's career struggles in order to help others with the same condition who are entering the work force, and so career counselors will be better able to serve us. 

I'm looking for contributions. These can be stories, essays, or articles by NLD adults about their career experiences, including both failures and successes. Each writer would be asked to focus specifically on their NLD, the problems it caused in their particular job field, strategies they used to overcome these issues and any accommodations they use at work.

At this time I have no guidelines as to the length of these stories. Anywhere from 1,500 to 6,000 words would be good. But if it's shorter or longer, that's ok too. I'm unable to compensate the writers financially, but they will of course get credit as well as a byline. I'm willing to edit for grammar, etc., so don't worry if you're not the greatest writer.

Please submit materials to me at and "nld careerbook" in the subject line. You can also email me with questions at this address.

Book Outline

Introduction - why this book

Section 1 - The career planning process as it relates
to specific NLD issues.

Section 2 -- Our Career Experiences. A collection of
essays or articles by NLD adults about our career
experiences, including both failures and successes.

Section 3 - The Employers viewpoint. An NLD
perspective of what a boss wants.

Section 4 -- Specific strategies for finding a job.

Section 5 -- Keeping a job. Focus is on specific
difficulties NLDers have and strategies to deal with
these issues.

Section 6 -- A list of resources.

Many thanks,