Yellow On My Face

This past weekend Tera and I went out to eat at a Rainbows a healthfood place where I work at. I ate a tofu pocket with yellow scrambled tofu and bacon. The sandwich was a messy sandwich to eat. After we were finished I asked Tera if I had any yellow on my face. Tera said "NO".

We got up and left.  I have a smile that goes from ear to ear so I smiled all the way out and even open the door for a customer. While driving home I had commented to Tera how I felt that I still feel like I had yellow on my face so I looked in my review mirror to take a look; not really exspecting to find anything there. And I didn't until I smiled from ear to ear. I had yelow tofu all over my teeth. I said Tera I thought I asked if I had any yellow on my face and she said, Well mom,
you did say on your face. I said "This IS A NLD Moment".

-Kathy Kirk