Walker is my heart, my first and my anchor. At 12 his knowledge and conversation is wiser and deeper than most adults I know. He can go from thinking through a possible cure for cancer based in the field of genetics to playing Power Rangers with a 4 and 2 year old brother. Walker can stand in an unjust world and question why those around him are more alike than they wish to admit. He has made me cry because he has reminded me that in spite of it all, he will be someone who makes a difference, for no other reason than it needs to be done. I may not be able to read his handwriting but I can read the 3 most important words in this world, and that is "I love you." Sure, he may be different and yes, days can be tough, but we will persevere. I see this heart curing cancer, and forgetting to get his Noble Peace Prize, because God love him, he doesn't care what day it is, because he has another mission and that quest was conquered. H. Perez (mom)