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January 8, 1999 Vol. II, No. 2

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***Special Issue: C O P A A ***

1. 2nd Annual Conference of the Council of Parent Attorneys and
Advocates: Why, Who, What, Where, When, How and Explain

2. Our Session: Tests and Evaluations: What Tests are Used for; What do
Test Scores Mean? Uses and Misuses of Tests; Examination and
Cross-examination; Finding and Presenting Experts

3. Meet Jim Rosenfeld: Guest Contributor to the Special Ed Advocate

4. “Section 504 v. IDEA Article” by Jim Rosenfeld

5. Subscription Information

6. Contact Information


1. The 2nd Annual COPAA Conference: Why, Who, What, Where, When, and How

** WHY? **

COPAA is not a conference for theorists to discuss what should be, but
for the warriors who will fight battles in the trenches and the generals
who will map strategy, knowing what it is and how to do it. Applied
techniques, tactics, strategy, war stories – it’s all there at COPAA.

In our July 13th newsletter, we provided subscribers with the location
and dates of this Second Annual COPAA Conference. At that time, we
created a page on our web site with information about speakers and
topics, including the COPAA press release.

In the August 17th issue of the newsletter, we provided more specific
information about how to make reservations at the Doubletree Hotel.

In the September 8th newsletter, we updated our COPAA conference page
and links to the COPAA site. We reminded you again and again – why?
Because. . .

Last January, we attended the First Annual COPAA conference in Orlando.
COPAA is the most beneficial conference for parents, attorneys, and
advocates who seek to improve their skills.

In the April 6, 1998 “alert” to our subscribers and in the April 21,
1998 newsletter we discussed the $600,000 jury trial verdict, issued
days before. That case is Whitehead v. Hillsborough County. Information
about the Whitehead case has been on our website since last spring. Four
months before the huge jury verdict, we met the Whiteheads and their
attorney, Laura Whiteside – at the January, 1998 conference in Orlando.

One of the featured speakers was Tom Gilhool. Who is he? Tom Gilhool
started the special education movement with the PARC decision – which
set the stage for Public Law 94-142.

Meeting those people who are altering and shaping special education law
– and improving the quality of services for our children - was an
incredible experience.

** WHO? **
Speakers and Presenters include:

Barbara Bateman, Ph.D.
Hollace P. Brooks, Esq.
Mathew D. Cohen, Esq.
Paul S. Dalton, Esq.
Philip T.K. Daniel, Esq.
Nancy Diehl, Advocate
Katherine Dobel, Esq.
Barbara Ebenstein, Esq.
Martha Farris, Advocate
Beth Goodman, Esq.
Judith Gran, Esq.
Stewart R. Hakola, Esq.
Franklin J. Hickman, Esq.
Patricia L. Howey, Advocate
Sonja D. Kerr, Esq.
Howard Klebanoff, Esq.
William Laviano, Esq.
Diane Lipton, Esq.
Anne K. Macleod, AT Information Specialist
Deborah Mattison, Esq.
Brenda McGee, Esq.
Eileen Ordover, Esq.
Diane M. Parent, Esq.
Dean Rivkin, Esq.
Paul Rogers, Esq.
Jennifer P. Rosenberg, Esq.
Jim Rosenfeld, Esq.
Tammy Seltzer, Esq.
Torin D. Togut, Esq.
Valerie Vanaman, Esq.
Lois Weinberg, Ph.D.
Pamela Darr Wright, LCSW
Peter W. D. Wright, Esq.

** WHAT? **

On Friday, JANUARY 29, COPAA sponsors full day sessions about -

* IEP Basics; Strategies and Techniques to Use in Negotiating IEPs

* Due Process Basics: Case Assessment; Procedures; Hearing Strategies
and Tactics; Depositions and Interrogatories; Laying the Base for
Appeal; Attorneys' Fees

* Tests and Evaluations: What Tests are Used for; What do Test Scores
Mean? Uses and Misuses of Tests; Examination and Cross-examination;
Finding and Presenting Experts

On Saturday and Sunday, JANUARY 30 AND 31, COPAA offers sessions about -

* Major Judicial Decisions
* Attorney's Introduction to IDEA, 504 and the ADA
* Delinquency Petitions and Juvenile Status Adjudications
* Assistive and Adaptive Technology – What It Is and Why You Need It
* How to Hire and Work with Attorneys and Experts
* Transition: An Eclectic Approach
* Nuts and Bolts of Small Office Practice
* Preparing Parents for an IEP Meetings
* Enhanced Delivery of Legal Services -Proposed Model
* Attorneys' Fees - Present and Future
* Lessons of Recent Decisions Involving Autism
* Major Changes in New Regulations
* New Discipline Rules
* IDEA and the Medicaid Connection
* What is a Functional Behavior Analysis?
* Pre-Hearing Strategies - Laying the Base for Settlement or Hearing
* Collaboration for FAPE: The Rules Have Changed

** WHERE? **

Doubletree Hotel San Diego Mission Valley
7450 Hazard Center Drive
San Diego, CA 92108
(800)222-TREE; (619)297-5466; FAX (619)688-4088;

The Doubletree Hotel San Diego Mission Valley has a web site. We went to
their site at
and this is what we learned:

“Sunny day, sandy beaches and spectacular sight-seeing await you at the
Doubletree Hotel San Diego Mission Valley. Just 10 minutes from San
Diego International Airport, you'll be in the heart of Mission Valley's
premier shopping district, near ocean beaches, Old Town, the San Diego
Zoo, Sea World, Wild Animal Park and Jack Murphy Stadium. The San Diego
light rail station stops next door offering direct access to downtown,
the Convention Center, Gaslight Quarter, and more.”

** WHEN? **

Friday, JANUARY 29 through Sunday, JANUARY 31, 1999

** HOW? **

More program and speaker information at

Register online at

If you haven’t made your room reservation and travel arrangements yet,
do it now.

Don’t wait – forget – and regret!



Tests and Evaluations: What Tests are Used for; What do Test Scores
Mean? Uses and Misuses of Tests; Examination and Cross-examination;
Finding and Presenting Experts

Pete and Pam Wright, with Frank Hickman will present a day long session
about tests and evaluations and how to use this information in the
cross-examination of expert witnesses.

The morning session will focus on specific tests and principles of
testing – what the different tests measure and what the test results
mean. The afternoon session will focus on cross-examination techniques –
how to use school witnesses and school data to prove your case. Frank
Hickman will use videos of cross examinations on psychologists as
teaching tools. Actual case material will be used to show how to develop
the case on cross.

Our article, “Understanding Tests and Measurements” has been a hit from
the beginning. The first version was posted several years ago at the
LDOnline website. The article at

is consistently one of the top five pages accessed at our website and
averages several hundred hits a day.

We receive letters and emails from university professors who tell us
that they are using “Tests and Measurements” as a teaching tool in their
courses. It will be used in the morning session.


3. Meet Jim Rosenfeld: Guest Contributor to the Special Ed Advocate

Jim Rosenfeld is the President of EDLAW, Inc. and Executive Director of
The EDLAW Center.

As President and Publisher of EDLAW, Inc., Jim established a company to
provide information on legal developments in special education to state
departments of education, school districts, attorneys, parents and
service providers. EDLAW’s home page is at

COPAA is also Jim’s brainchild. He is solely responsible for getting the
organization up and running.

COPAA has become a joint effort of several groups, including the Center
for Law and Education; Disabilities Rights and Education Defense Fund
(DREDF); Michigan Protection & Advocacy Service; Protection & Advocacy,
Inc. of California; Public Interest Law Corporation of Philadelphia
(PILCOP); and Statewide Advocacy Network on Disabilities (STAND).

Jim has an outstanding article about Section 504 and the Individuals
with Disabilities Education Act that is published online at LDOnLine. We
want to thank Jim Rosenfeld for giving us permission to post his article
at Wrightslaw.


4. “Section 504 and IDEA: Basic Similarities and Differences” by S.
James Rosenfeld, Esq.

Confused about Section 504? What makes Section 504 different from IDEA?

At the Special Ed Advocate, we receive many questions about Section 504
from parents and advocates. This article explains the purpose of Section
504, differences between Section 504 and IDEA, and how Section 504

The URL to the article is


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