One Adult's  Description of Her Personal Profile


How I fit the diagnosis:

1.  Poor visual memory
2.  Can get lost very easily
3.  Can't draw worth a darn
4.  Poor fine motor coordination skills
5.  Definite visual perceptual problems
6.  Reading body language does not come naturally to me
7.  I like to talk
out loud when I have deal with a tough situation.
Of course, I restrain myself when it isn't appropriate.
8.   Like many, I don't like going to parties where
I don't know
anybody.  But that is true of NTs also.  I guess the difference is
that they still can engage in small talk where
I have difficulty with
9.  Handwriting is worse than a doctor's <g>
10.  Don't like change either

How I don't fit the diagnosis:

1.   Have a very poor rote memory
2.   Even if my NLD needs are taken care of, I still have attention
3.   Have good math skills although I use my good verbal skills to
understand concepts and not the visual spatial ones
4.   Have superior color matching abilities.  I understand most NLDers
struggle in this area.
5.   Unlike most NLDers,
I have a superior memory for music tones.  But
can never remember the words
6.   I can read some body language if I am paying attention.  One
time, I actually knew when someone didn't like what I said by simply
looking at their facial expression. 
7.   While I have been fired from a few jobs, my job history is still
superior to alot of NLDers.   When I was fired, it was never a
surprise to me
8.   Except when I am tired or stressed, I do not take things literally.
However, I can do it when confronted with a new situation so perhaps
this characteristic doesn't prove anything.
9.  Know how to count change the old fashioned way.
10.  I have excellent insight and self awareness.  Of course, if I am
feeling defensive, that skill is useless <g>.
11.  Good gross motor skill
12.  I have an excellent sense of humor

I suspect that I have other LDs besides NLD.  So some might say that I could have NLD and something else.  The purists would say that you can only have NLD and not anything else.  Who knows?

One parent on this list, refers to one of her kids as 'NLDish', since this person isn't the classis NLD poster kid.  So maybe that applies to both of us.  Again, who knows?

Hope this helps.