10-05: New Social Skills Videos  social skills videos that teach through peer modeling.
For those of you who know Rick LaVoie, you may also know of his outstanding videos on learning disabilities and helping others understand them.  The following three videos may be ordered by calling 800 344 3337 (PBS):
"FAT City"  (Frustration, Anxiety and Tension)
"Last One Picked, First One Picked On"  
"When the Chips Are Down" 
Rush Neurobehavioral Center, Skokie, IL, has created the following excellent video on learning disabilities.  incl. tax, shipping, handling) Rush Neurobehavioral Center, 9701 Knox Avenue, Suite 102, Skokie, IL 60076 phone: 847 933 9339 ext. 222 "A Celebration of Differences" ($39.95, plus $5 postage and handling.)
Sue Diamond, speech and language pathologist has created an excellent video on pragmatics,   strategies, activities and assessment ideas to help children make gains in social language skills. Make checks payable to Sue Diamond M.A., CCC.  2916 San Jose Avenue, Alameda, CA 94501.  Phone and FAX:  510 814 0555. Allow four to six weeks for delivery. "Pragmatic Language." $49. incl. tax, shipping, handling
Institute for Research in Learning Disabilities at the University of Kansas  has the following videos availablePO BOX 1304 Lawrence, Kansas 66044  phone: 785 749 1473,  785 864 4780
"Making a Difference:  From Those Who Know" ($10);
"Modeling the Sentence Writing Strategy ($25)
"Modeling the FIRST Letter Mnemonic Strategy" ($25)
"Teaching Younger Students to Master Learning Strategies" ($25)
"Helping Students Master Social Skills" ($75) "Keys to Success in Social Skill Instruction" ($75)
Massachusetts therapist, Dr. Stephen Rothenberg has created a Social Skills video  "STOP and Go Ahead with Success" is available through the Learning Disabilities Assoc. of Mass site, .
Sensory Integration Videos: