Tommy is the most sensitive caring person I love.  He has a great belly laugh and he loves his family.  He can remember songs from when he was little and he remembers different vacations.  He is a happy go lucky child.  He is a good natured boy.
We just found out that Tommy has NLD.  We are now on the journey with him to learn in a different way, the things he does understand is amazing!! He knows facts about Egypt and places that are filled with ancient history.  He loves cartoons and has painstakingly copied all of the characters and has made games with game pieces.
He is a caring older brother and always sings and reads to his little sister.  He is her hero and he certainly is my hero.  Tommy has a spirituality about him that draws him to family and friends.  He is always giving his jacket to someone who is cold or sharing his lunch with someone who forgot theirs.  He is a good friend and a considerate human.  Who cannot tell a lie and always feels the need to protect all the children around him.
He is a great swimmer and a pretty good bike rider.  He loves to fish.  Once he caught a fish and before throwing it back he kissed it goodbye.  He is my miracle boy and I love him more and more each day.