My Story

To whom it may concern:
My name is Tom Ewers and I have been labeled ADD as an adult. I post on some ADD boards and below is one of my post. I was led to your site by one of the other participants on the board. I have a very difficult time relating what I have to say in writing. I just wanted to say that I read some of the info at your site and I agree with a good part of it. I graduated high school with a 60 average. and I know the frustration that comes along with being misunderstood. Verbally I can share a great deal of information on this subject based on my own personal experience. When I am able to say what is on my mind without being forced to answer specific questions is when I am at my best. If you think reading the story of someone like me could be of some help e-mail me back and we can get in touch.

"Maybe I can give a little input that will help you understand the writing issue or at least give you some ideas and things to look for. During school I mastered every multiple choice and true or false test that I took. Because of this I was put into accelerated classes. The problem was I could not write out my own answers. I was labeled lazy and stupid because of this. The teachers did not understand it because during class discussions I actively participated and it seemed very much like I understood what was going on. The problem I had was I never could get what I wanted to write to sound right in my head. I wanted to give well thought out answers like I could give verbally but every time I tried it would look and sound stupid. My parents and teachers tried everything from threats to treats but it didn't matter. I just started writing a year or two ago when I first hooked up to the internet.

To this day I still have a very difficult time communicating what I have to say in writing. When it came to reading I had a problem with daydreaming while I was reading. I could read three or four pages and not have a clue as to what I just read. I got so frustrated I gave up even trying to read in school.

Today I read everything from news from all over the world to complicated science and math literature. My spelling and grammar are slowly getting better because of my increased interest. As far as kids go its tough because they are forced to learn the information as it is fed to them. I found it so much easier to learn once I left school than I did while I was in school. To me the key to getting myself to learn was to learn at my pace and my way. To force me to learn something only created a mental block that kept me from learning anything at all. Maybe some of this will help to understand what might be happening. It is terribly misleading to categorize us as stupid or lazy especially when our IQs rank at the top.