Dear Friends, 

Sue Thompson passed away peacefully Friday, April 16, 2004. As everyone knows, Sue's contributions to the NLD World are unequalled; her articles, her book, her presentations, her advocacy and passion will continue to make a difference. Sue will always be remembered, as her works continue to  help us strive for more understanding, better intervention and most important, acceptance and respect for the deserving individuals who are challenged by Nonverbal Learning Disorders.

Read a tribute to Sue                                                                                                                      NLDA's Sue Thompson Scholarship



1.  "Nonverbal Learning Disorders" by Sue Thompson  source:  the LDA Gram - Fall, 1996 and Winter, 1997
2.  "NLD Revisited in 1997" by Sue Thompson    the LDA Gram - Winter, 1997
3. "Stress, Anxiety, Panic and Phobias:   Secondary to NLD"  by Sue Thompson   LDA Gram - Spring, 1998
4.  "Neurobehavioral Characteristics Seen in the Classroom - Developing an Educational Plan for the Student with NLD" by Sue Thompson
5. "Home schooling and the Child with NLD"
by Sue Thompson