I love my NLD child because he makes me look at the world in a whole new way. He is a funny, sensitive, highly dramatic child. His love of language has been a learning experience for me. He will point out things that may have gone unnoticed. I've never met a more sensitive, sweet child. He will help earthworms get out of puddles "before they drown." Instead of keeping ladybugs in a box he carries them to a bush with aphids so they can "have dinner." He doesn't even like it when someone steps on ants just because they were there. He will say, "They weren't hurting you!" A highly verbose child with an imagination that knows no limits, he keeps us entertained with his "monologues". He is highly motivated to do well in school and it is challenging but he keeps doing his best and is diligently working to make us proud. He need not worry. We ARE!! I thank God every night for such a gift.