Well, folks, it could be very tempting for me to approach this in "list style", as there are enough such moments to comprise one of a rather intimidating size.

Nonetheless, I will reflect, rather painfully I might add, on one such NLD moment that I remember from 2nd grade.

Oh - and I'm 37.  Do the math. 

Now, granted, this was a mean teacher.  That's not sour grapes.  Looking back, it was the impression I remember (take that 7-8 year old recollection with the appropriate 'grain of salt') most kids having.  And, having worked in the classroom myself for the past 14 or so years in a variety of conditions and circumstances, I can say with confidence that she was indeed a terrible teacher and, foul mood or bad day or not, a pretty lousy human being as well. 

Yes, it was a long time ago.  Even so, I could still find it in me to justify scolding her today for how she comported herself then, regardless of whatever growth she may have had since - as a teacher and, however DIM this chance, as a human being.

We little ones had just received some corrected work back from her.  From her desk, she called out "is there anybody whose paper I didn't check?".

I raised my hand.  Now, I don't think I have to worry about how this will be interpretted by you folks in this forum, but I always feel compelled - and very, VERY defensive - to plead that I was not being a wise-ass or "seeking attention" or whatever other Freudian pseudo-psycho-babble you might wish to project onto, let me remind you - A SEVEN YEAR OLD KID!!!

She looked over at me with my raised hand and said "I didn't check your work?".

"Mrs. Condon...I got a *staaaarrr*. 

Yes, I really was this confused and rather upset about this "problem" because I thought it meant I did something wrong or that I'd be left out or who knows what I was thinking then, but I was nervous and honestly confused.

Not as confused, however, and very very very hurt and scared and sad and embarrassed as I was at her response:

"Do you want me to smash you?"

- Stan Shura  http://www.helium.com/users/235593/show_articles  check out Stan's amazing writings at this website.