Last night I was getting Dev's snack together.  I had bought a big case of water for him.  They are allowed to keep a water bottle at their desk to drink from.  We got the lunch box, the napkin, the yogurt inside of it.  Well, I went to reach for the water and he looked at it.  He said, "Mommy, isn't it the end of summer, almost fall right now?"  I replied, "Yes it is."  He said, "Then why are you going to make me drink SPRING water now, isn't it just for the spring time?"  "Won't it be too old?"    I looked at the bottle and sure enough it said SPRING water.  

I couldn't help but laugh. He took it literally for being the season SPRING.  I did explain to him about it being water that came from a spring (a ground water source).  He laughed them and said, OHHHH, I thought it was the season mommy.

Kids, you gotta love them.