We are a research team at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston in the Division of Pediatric Neurology, led by Dr. Richard Frye, and we are writing to let you know about a new research study we are conducting.

The importance of sleep for adults is increasingly emphasized all over the media, yet surprisingly little is known about the sleep habits of children, with or without nonverbal learning disorder. This survey will allow us to explore this new area, with the aim of targeting common sleep problems for future treatment and prevention, and to guide caregivers in regards to normal childhood sleep behavior.

The study is in online survey format for maximum convenience and anonymity, and measures have been taken to ensure the privacy and security of survey takers. In it, we ask questions about the child’s sleep habits and previous medical history.

We would greatly appreciate if you could provide a link to the survey along with our letter to caregivers on your website. As your website provides resources for people with nonverbal learning disorder and their families and friends, it seems an ideal setting for circulating this survey, and the groundbreaking results it will ultimately generate.

Our survey can be found at: http://www.surveymethods.com/EndUser.aspx?B195F9E1B2F3EDE3

Attached please find our study’s protocol, our approval from the Institutional Review Board, our letter to the parents and caregivers, and the CV of Dr. Frye. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for your time,

Laura deSouza

Research Assistant
p. 713-500-3236
e. laura.desouza@uth.tmc.edu