My 10 year old daughter was has NLD, but I still can't get used to giving explicit instructions. My husband jokes that she could never play 2nd base because she has no concept of the "neighborhood call". Pammie is hyperlexic and has always had fantastic vocabulary and grammar skills. Ever since I can remember, an object must be called by its absolutely correct, to- the-letter proper name; this is especially true concerning footwear. An almost daily ritual on school mornings goes like this:

Me: "Pammie, the bus will be here in 15 minutes. Do you have your shoes on?"
Pammie: "Mommy, these aren't shoes. They're sneakers." Or, in the winter: "These aren't shoes. They're boots." Just this morning, when I told her to put away her shoes, her response was: "These aren't shoes. They're sandals." Fortunately, every once in a while, she is actually wearing her dress shoes, and for once I get no argument