School Daze

Tera was in the First grade and I decided to go to school and observe Tera and the teacher in a classroom setting.The teacher had given a command for the the first person in each row to collect the papers. Tera's seat was the first one not only for her row vertically but horizontally as well. She sat in her seat for the longest time, watching the other kids until finally the child behind her gave Tera his or her paper and pointed to the rest of the kids in her row behind her. Tera got up slowly and preceded to collect her papers for her row vertically.

Tera was in the Second grade and was learning the Mutiplication Tables. The indivdual student in the class would have to pass a written test for each multple (1x1, 2x1, etc). So we took to practicing the multiplaction test at home by writing out the test and having Tera fill in the answers. I forgot to add that the tests were timed. Tera was coming home frustrated because she was not passing the tests. I went up to school and talked with the teacher and asked to see Tera's tests. To my surprise I had noticed that test was numbered 1. 2. 3. vertically and at home I was having Tera take the practice test with the numbers going horizonally. I also noticed that Tera thought that the number of the problem was part of the problem itself. I then explained to Tera that 1. is the number of the problem and not part of the problem. We then went home and practiced the tests vertically. Voila! Tera began to pass her mutipication tables.

Kathy Kirk