I was a single mother for 4 years and Elizabeth was the center of my universe. I was going to school full time and trying to be a parent full time. Sometimes I would doze on the couch and Libby would put the blanket on me and kiss my head. Once she said "I drew you a pretty picture" and she had. It was colorful and unmistakably fireworks. Unfortunately it was all over the wall. Libby loves everyone and cannot stand to have anyone mad at her. She sees the good in everyone. She is beautiful and kind. She cries for others. In grade one she was up on stage doing a concert for parents. One of the other children started to cry. Lib stood up beside this girl and put her arm around her in the middle of everything. She sings constantly. When she was a toddler she would spend most of her day making up songs or copying songs we had heard for a fraction of a second in a department store.  She brings a
smile to everyone's face. She tries so hard. Even when the work is overwhelming and the pencil tasks are literally hurting her, she tries. She amazes me. Her numbers are so low and yet she functions so well. I admire her spirit and her love for everyone. She has been an absolute blessing.