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9/26/02 Dear Friends:  If you find your child's age is incorrect because you sent in your form one or two years ago, please contact NLDline with the updated information.  Date of entry is now being added so  others will know the age at that date.

NLDline is pleased to offer the NLD Pen Pal Feature.  This feature began on the NLDline Bulletin Board where parents were interested in having their child connect with others.  For safety precautions, parents may fill out the following form and then give the information that will be listed later to their child.  Adults wanting pen pals will also be posted and if there are enough names, that list will be posted separately.

Here is one comment from an NLD mom where the Pen Pal feature worked well:

"I thought I would let you know how things are going. Lauren is still writing to 2 pen pals, and I am communicating with 3 mothers. Emily, the person you put me in touch with, and I have exchanged photos of our daughters. Lauren was so happy to receive the photo that she carries it around with her in her pencil case. It is certainly working out."

And another comment from a successful and perceptive NLD adult:

"NLD kids today are so lucky. They never have to face the isolation and frustration that my generation experienced. Instead, they can connect with other kids like themselves through the Internet."

Please email the following to NLDline:  

1.  First name of parent

2.  Email address of parent

3.  Daughter or Son (state which)

4.  Age of child/ teen/ adult

5.  Interests of child

For adults (18 and over) please email:

1.  Your first name

2.  Your email address

3.  Your gender and age

4.  Your interests

NOTE:  For Siblings of NLD children seeking Pen Pals, please put the NLD Child's age in the appropriate space (Child's age) and list the Sibling's age in the comments' space along with any comments.

When your information is received, it will be listed online for parents to network together.  Be sure and also send ideas and recommendations for this feature to NLDline

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