Parenting a Child with NLD

Tips on self esteem by Rick Lavoie (Schwab Online - June 10, 2002)

From Fairtest List of Colleges and Universities that De-emphasize the Use of Standardized Tests in Admissions
Encouragement & NLD by Larry Blim
One Mom's Accommodations for Her NLD Son by Callie B. Gass
One Mom's Frustrations in NOT Receiving Appropriate Accommodations  for Her NLD Son Anonymous
Success! by Callie B. Gass
Easing the Teasing
Helpful Hints for Caregivers
"Coping with NLD in the Family" - an audio Kathy Allen, M.T.S. talks about the daily challenges and pleasures in raising NLD kids. audiotape: 800 238 9009
Television: How Much? by Caitlin Johnson
Ways to Love a Child
Public vs Private School by an NLD adult who is also a public school teacher
Helping Your Child Organize
Parents Unite Together
Active Listening
Parenting Website
You Are Not Alone Article
Preparing Kids for Emergencies

10 Steps to Effective Parenting

by Steve Dykstra
Words from Dr. Robert Brooks
Some Tips on Parenting from an NLD Adult by Al Vadon
Perspectives on Discipline and Consequences Dr. Robert Brooks
Homework Tips for Parents from
Math and Reading Tips for Parents from