Open Immediately



I keep meaning to tell you all about a funny thing that happened a couple of weeks ago. I was on the phone on an important call and the
Fed-Ex man arrived with a package that I was expecting. My daughter signed for it. When I got off the phone a couple of minutes later, I
went to look for the package. Finally, I asked her where she put it. She said "It's on the dining room table. Don't worry Mom, I
opened it." I thought that it was a little odd that she would open a package not addressed to her and was curious about the "Don't worry"
comment so asked what she meant. She said "Well, there was a big sticker on the outside of the package that side 'Medical equipment:
Open Immediately' " I burst out laughing and had to explain to this very literal young lady that this just meant that one should not stick
it in a corner and forget about it for a week or two, not that it must be opened instantly upon arrival and that it would have been OK to
leave it in the package for a couple of minutes. :-)