NLDline is happy to introduce the NLD-In-Common Listserver to those interested in further networking.  This is a special place for NLD parents,NLD adults and interested professionals to come together to communicate about NLD.  While NLD-In-Common is its own separate entity, NLDline wants with its visitors to know about this important link.

Posted by Kelli Bond

Here are instructions for signing up for the NLD-In-Common Listserv:


1. Send me an email with your name, your NLD connection, and at least three positive things about the person/people in your world (this could be yourself!) who has/have NLD.
This is a necessary step, for all subscribers need to be approved before they can join.

2. Go to

3. Click on the New Member button.
The Registration screen displays for you to follow the directions.

NLDAdult: For those with NLD ages 18 and older.
Go to

        Al is the moderator.

NLDCollege: For those with NLD who are enrolled in a college/university program.
Go to

        Samantha and Kacie are the moderators.




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