Don't Move!

Casey was on the way home from boarding school.  She had just arrived at the airport, greeted her mom and now they were driving in the car.  Picking up the cell phone she called to tell me she was home.  "Hi Shari," she said in her tentative phone voice.

I was on another phone at the time of her call and was so pleased to hear her voice that I enthusiastically responded, "Oh, honey, you're home!  I'm on the other line and I'm almost finished.  Don't move! I'll be right back."

On the other end of the phone line, I could hear the kind of silence that 'sounded' like confusion. Quickly, I said, "Oh Casey, I didn't really mean "don't move".  I just meant that I'm going to get off the other phone and I'll be right back."  Her relieved response followed: "OK Shari, I'll wait for you."