NLD Moments

Those of us who live with or work with individuals with NLD know that often there is a choice moment when our child or NLD friend says or does something so perfect, so NLD-classic that we would love to share it with others.  We are opening this feature for just such occasions.

We hope parents, teachers and other caregivers will use this feature to share poignant, successful and amusing "NLD moments."  Please email us with your happening or circumstance at

1.  Seeing Beyond

2.  Don't Move!

3.  The Best Tipper Ever

4.  The Long I

5.  Learning the Multiplication Tables - NLD Style

6.  School Daze        

7.  Describing My NLD Son (and maybe your NLD child too)

8.  I Can't Tell Mom AND Dad

9.  The Broken Glasses

10.  Yellow On My Face

11.  Putting Away the Dishes

12.  Common Sense

13.  Shoes

14.  Driving and the Soul    

15. Water and Water    

16. No Drinking on Campus

17. Reading the Eye Chart

18. Another Shoe Story

19. Another Water Story 

20. Candor

21.  What "N-L-D" Stands For

22. Good Old Math Problems

23. Hold On To Everything

24. Roast Beef

25.  Fresh Mouth

26.  Talking Back

27.  Tale of the Missing Cat

28.  Setting the Table - NLD Style

29.  I'm Very Clean

30.  Tallest Building

31.  Keep Your Eye on the Ball!

32. A Book for Me

33. A Teenager's  NLD Moment

34. School Olympics

35. Pulitzer Prize

36.  French Fries & Vinegar

37.  Grilled Cheese

38.  Cold Medicine

39.  Needing Bread

40. "Hairlip"

41. Washing Hair

42.  Hold Your Horses

43. Reversible Vests

44.  Counting Years

45.  Being Tested At A New School

46.  Skeleton

47. Bar vs Pole

48.  Shoes On Backwards

49. Changing Clothes

50. The Words Left Unspoken

51.  Overlooking Blindness

52.  Gentle Brother

53.  Missing Assignments

54. Don't Talk!

55. Typing A Sentence

56.  Any Shape

57.  What Are Twins?

58. Holding Hands

59.  Water

60. Inhale, Exhale

61.  Open Immediately!

62.  Second Grade Memories

63.  Raining Cats & Dogs