Here are some games just for fun:

New:  Say the Colors

Games and other fun stuff for kidsl

Cartoon Corner and Games Sequentially taught cartoons with information about eyes, eyebrows and emotion and lots of fun games   Ages: Nine and older

Crafts and Games from Disney  Step-by-step craft ideas  Ages:  Nine and older

Cool Games from the Kid Center at Infoseek Ages: Nine and older

Coloring Pages for Kids

Fun and Games from   Ages: Five through nine but others will have fun too   (Tip: Try changing shapes to " 20-classic,"  try the Tetris game, and Click on "Solve" to watch the pieces move) Ages: Nine and older '

Kid's Games

Smiley Land

Optical Illusions Ages: All

Origami Website Ages: Nine and older

Hamsters Dancing:  Just for the fun of watching

A Listening Game