Your child can participate in a

neuroimaging study

Each child receives:

    - A brief neuropsychological screening and $60

                     IQ, executive functioning, visual-spatial development

    - A brain scan, a brain picture to take home and $40

                     MRI brain image of your child, with screening by a radiologist

    - The joy of participating in scientific study

                   Contribute to our understanding of social development in children

Our Study

Does your child have difficulty making and keeping friends?

Our study examines the differences between normally developing children

and those with difficulty in the area of social development.

Children who can participate are:

    - male

    - between the ages of 6 and 18

    - normally developing or socially challenged

    - may have diagnoses of Aspergerís, High Functioning Autism, NVLD or ADHD


      Dr. Semrud-Clikeman (517) 432-4212

      Dr. Fine (517) 353-5035

       Or email:

      Michigan State University - Departments of Psychology and Psychiatry