My Nadia

My Nadia is the most magical child. From the time she was an infant, people
have told me that they can "see the light of God in her". People have come
up to me, perfect strangers, and told me that just looking at Nadia makes
them feel happy. And that's the effect that she has always had on me. She
is my "happiness girl".

Nadia has a purity to her, unsullied by "normal" social constraints. It is
difficult to know where the NLD begins and where it's just Nadia. She gave
me a bouquet of flowers recently. I found them at my bedside. I'd had a
long, difficult week and there were these flowers. Nadia's note read "I
love you Mommy and so I got these flowers for you. Some of them were on the
ground and so I picked them up and I hope you like them" Most people would
not include the "some of them were on the ground part". But from Nadia it
was an expression of love - she found these flowers, she saw their beauty
and she thought of her mom. How lucky I am!

Nadia is this way with everyone. Her younger sister has been the
beneficiary of a big sister who can say things like "No Mommy, it's okay,
let her talk - she needs to". Her generosity is an example to all of us.

My Nadia would never ever knowingly hurt someone else's feelings. She has a
sensitivity and regard for others. Recently she went on a school field trip
for several days. In the group photo, there's Nadia in her classic posture.
Every other kid is looking at the camera but Nadia is turned slightly to the
side, clearly intent on the child next to her. And why? Because the kid
was talking to and, as Nadia put it, "It was really important, Mommy." My
Nadia loves all of us with a simple acceptance of her love for us that has
created an in increased depth to that love. We are so blessed to have her.