Dear Parent or Care Provider, 

I am conducting a study for my master’s thesis research at San Jose State University with Rondalyn Whitney, MOT, OTR, using the Sensory Profile to determine if common areas of sensory dysfunction can be identified in children with deficits in social cognition and poor academic performance to include Nonverbal Learning Disorders (NLD). You have been identified by Rondalyn Whitney through the Nonverbal Learning Disorders Association (NLDA) to participate in this research. Results of this study should increase our understanding of NLD and may guide new treatment approaches.

 The Sensory Profile identifies sensory processing in a child’s environment. The Sensory Profile is a measure of children’s responses to sensory events in daily life. The caregiver completes the Sensory Profile by assessing the frequency of the child’s responses to certain sensory processing, modulation, and behavioral/emotional events as described in the 125 items. We know from research that the Sensory Profile can help identify the child’s sensory processing patterns: then we can consider how these patterns might be contributing to or creating barriers to performance in daily life.

 You should understand that your participation is voluntary and that choosing not to participate in this study, or in any part of this study, will not affect your relations with San Jose State University, the Lighthouse Project or NLDA. The results of this study may be published, but any information that could result in your identification or your child’s will remain confidential. The assessment will be scored but not interpreted, so results will not be mailed back to you. If you would like to see results of the research study it will posted on and presented at the annual NLDA Symposium in April 2002.

 If you are willing to participate in the study please email your mailing address to and a research packet will be mailed to you. Please specify in the subject area of your email the word “research”, other wise your address will not be identified for participation in the study.

If you have questions about this study please contact Rondalyn Whitney, director of the Lighthouse Project at (408) 557-8598.



Melissa Cameron

                                                                      Graduate Student, Occupational Therapy                     

                                                                        Rondalyn Whitney, MOT, OTR                                                                         Director, Lighthouse Project