Sometimes I ask myself what I don't love about Leah! She is compassionate, caring, overflowing with love for others, curious, kind, and brutally honest. Her best friend is her black Lab and they are very good for each other. Her second best friend is her younger sister, Taylor, whom she adores. They don't always "adore" each other but can you name two sisters at that age who do??!!!

Leah is a collector and has packed her room with books, rocks, and beanie-babies. The best time of her life is spent at the cottage for two weeks every summer. There are minimal rules, lots of uninterrupted time with Mom and Dad, and you can eat with your fingers!! The beach is full of treasures which become new collections for Leah. Her bike becomes her transportation to almost anywhere, and her "summer sister" is always at the next cottage when we holiday.
We value the courage that Leah displays every day of her busy life and we are very proud of the hard-fought accomplishments she has achieved. She gives so much back to us with her smiles, hugs, and "right-from-the-heart" observations on life.