School Olympics

 Well, they had field day on Friday (A school "Olympics" type event where the entire school day is dedicated to outside gym and fun activities in an  Olympic-like tradition, coordinated by the PE coaches. They even lit a torch to burn during the day.) One marksmanship activity for the kids was a dunk tank which the principal sat in. 

Mr. Jones, (the principal), told everyone as they came to the front of the line, "You can have three throws with the balls or one dunk." Of course he said the same rout message to Kyle when he was ready for his turn. 

Kyle put down the balls and ran up to the tank hitting the dunking bullseye and sending Mr. Jones totally off guard into the cold water for the first time all day. Kyle declared to Mr. Jones, "I don't know why anyone would want to throw the balls when it is so much fun to do the dunk." 

Mr. Jones told me he had know earthly idea that his directions could be construed in that fashion, but, upon reflection realized Kyle's literal and direct understanding of the directions. He indicated he had a whole new perspective on how Kyle's perceptions of speech created a completely different classroom situation for his teachers.

I have to admit I laughed and laughed until my gut hurt. Of course when I picked Kyle up from school he came running out of the school (and across the parking lot without looking for traffic) beaming from ear to ear (an extremely rare event) declaring in a voice to echo from the distant corners of our city, "I dunked Mr. Jones in the watertank and only two other sixth graders did it too. It was so funny to watch him bob-down in the water-catcher while he was spitting out water from his mouth." I laughed all over again!