I have two kids: a girl, 3 and a 5 year old boy, James. I always knew there was something about James that was exceptional and yet troubling. When the school alerted me about the a-typical and confusing nature of James' behavior in the kindergarten classroom, I began to suspect Aspergers - this I had heard of through
the media. But, he didn't exactly fit the profiles on the web. Now that I've learned about NLD, all the puzzle pieces fit perfectly.

As I wrote in my introduction to Kelli, I have always marveled at his exceptional abilities from a young age. I never minded his constant talking and questions because I enjoy his enthusiasm for learning and I have always recognized that he finds a great deal of comfort in knowing and discussing everything there is to about EVERYTHING around him. He possesses an incredible charm that is blinding to adults but evaporates around other children. I'm an adult so I always get his best side. I love that he follows rules to the letter and can't tell a lie - Let's be honest...what parent wouldn't love that? I love his literal translations of common clichés because they reveal the innocence of a child who speaks like an adult. Usually his interpretations tend to be quite profound in their simplicity, revealing his awareness of a concept that we of average intelligence completely miss. But most of all he is, and has always been, my sunshine kid with the happy heart and a constant smile.

I'm hoping that your group will offer support and guidance from other parents as well as valuable insight from those who live with this themselves. I hope to find in your group a place to be completely candid without judgment if I need to vent frustration; and as a member, it would be my goal to provide that same support to others.