Stanford Psychiatry Neuro-imaging Laboratory

Social Understanding Difficulties?

We are looking for young men of normal intelligence 10-18 years of age with social understanding difficulties (as seen in Non-Verbal Learning Disorder, Asperger’s Syndrome, High Functioning Autism and Pervasive Development Disorder-Not Otherwise Specified) in the San Francisco and Bay Area and their families to participate in a genetic study.

This study is of Social Understanding Difficulties so we need young men with and without the one of the above diagnosis. We are extremely interested in abilities or strengths that we believe might be associated with social understanding difficulties.

The young men and their families would be asked to complete a social screening questionnaire, undertake some related tasks and donate a small amount of blood for genetic study. This can be done at your home or Stanford University – in the evenings or weekends if more convenient.

There will also be a smaller brain imaging part to the study and some young men may be asked if they would like to have there brains scanned!

My name is Dr. Judith Piggot, I am an Adolescent Psychiatrist doing research at Stanford University. If you think you and your family would like to participate or are interested in finding out more about the research project please contact me!

Email: or phone: (650) 498 4660.