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Sue Thompson’s book is the best all round resource.  It is now titled The Source for Nonverbal Learning Disorders.  Call LinguiSystems to order: phone: 800-776-4332.

Kathy Allen, a colleague of Sue’s, has self-published Star Shaped Pegs, Square Holes - which helps the child (10-14 yrs.) understand his/her NLD.  Call: Goodenough Books in Livermore, CA 925 443 4354.  

Deborah Green's new book, Growing Up With NLD, an autobiographical look at life with a successful adult; also includes research and resources.  To Order: Silicon Heights Computers 1-800-654-6623 SKU# DL0827 $25.00 (includes shipping and handling)

The Nonverbal Learning Disorder Guide for Teachers, Parents, Employers and Therapists by Rondlayn Varney Whitney, MOT, OTR.  Email:   or call 408 557 8598.

 Unaware:  Living With Non-Verbal Learning Disability by Laurie Reed. Email:

Inside Out: What Makes A Person With Social-Cognitive Deficits Tick? A Manual and Workbook by Michelle Garcia Winner, SLP, $25.00 4871 Trent Drive, San Jose, California 95124 email:

Nowicki & Duke: have written a two books on nonverbal communication: Their second book, Teaching Your Child the Language of Social Success is popular with many parents.  Their other book, Helping the Child Who Doesn’t Fit In is also well received. Peachtree Press 494 Armour Circle NE, Atlanta, GA 30324  (ISBN 1-56145-126-6) phone: 888-263-4298

Byron Rourke has two definitive books which provide a clinical look at the NLD syndrome.  Syndrome of Nonverbal Learning Disabilities is edited by Rourke.  Nonverbal Learning  Disabilities, the Syndrome and the Model is his other important work.  Published by Guilford Press 72 Spring Street, NY, NY 10012 phone: 800-365-7006.


"FAT City"  (Frustration, Anxiety and Tension) by Richard LaVoie
"Last One Picked, First One Picked On" 
and "When the Chips are Down" are also excellent videos by Richard LaVoie.   Order through PBS:  800 344 3337.

NLD-In-Common listserv.  Go to this feature on NLDline and see instructions.

NLD HOTLINE phone:831-624-3542.  Brief discussions on resources.

NLD Coaching:  Half-hour weekly phone calls to share NLD events and come up with strategies, practices, activities, responses and coping mechanisms to help NLD caregivers. Call Judy Lewis at 831 624 3542 and Press #.



OASIS: (Asperger’s - very good and informational)


TERA KIRK (an NLD teen):




NLDA's Newsletter

LDA-CA’s “The Gram” phone: 650-343-1411 or


1999 SHARE Support Inc.'s  3rd Annual NLD Symposium

Contemporary Medical Education has some tapes from SHARE Support's 1997 and 1998 annual NLD Symposiums:

1.  “Psychological Interventions for the Child with Nonverbal Learning Disorders,” Kathryn Stewart, PhD. An overview of NLD with discussion of possible treatment and appropriate school intervention.

2.  “Educational Interventions for the Child with Nonverbal Learning Disorders,” Sue Thompson, M.A. C.E.T., and Judith Pathon M.A. Educational interventions and recommendations; auditory effects of NLD.

3.  “Advocating for the Individual with Nonverbal Learning Disorders,” Maria Antoniadis, Ph.D., and Sarah Clarke, Esq. Discussion of special ed law, the IEP and the importance of advocating for the NLD student.

4.  “Assessing and Diagnosing the Individual with Nonverbal Learning Disorders,” Diane Kosters, Ph.D. Discussion of NLD assessment and diagnosis.

5.  “Social Skills Training for Nonverbal Communication,” Maria Antoniadis, Ph.D., and Kathryn McCarthy, Ph.D. Discussion of nonverbal communication, social skills groups and interventions for NLD. 

6.  “The Hand, Handwriting and the Child with Nonverbal Learning Disorders,” Peg Bledsoe, M.A., OTR. Discussion of handwriting and NLD.

Each tape is $20. and is 90 minutes long.

Call: 800-238-9009 or email: Internet:

OTHER AUDIOS: (See Audio Feature for more titles)

1.  “Nonverbal Learning Disabilities:  Socioemotional and Pragmatic Quagmires,” Warren Rosen, Ph.D, #T24 (AET) 818 843 1183

2.  “Nonverbal Learning Disorders, Often Misunderstood Coordination,   Visual-Spatial-Organizational and Social Problems,” Sue Thompson, 1997 LDA conference.  Call InfoMedia: 800 367 9286

3. Byron Rourke's audios:  Call:  The Sound of Knowledge 619 483 4300


Orion Academy, 350 Rheem Blvd. Moraga, CA 94556 (925) 377 0789

Bridges Academy 15223-31 Burbank Boulevard Sherman Oaks, CA 91411 (818) 785-4500

Pine Ridge - Williston, Vermont - 802 434 2161

Eagle Hill - Hardwick, Massachusetts - 413 477 6000

The Woodhall School, Bethlehem, CT - 203 266 9916

Franklin Academy, East Haddam, CT, opening, September, 2004

Keystone Academy, Middle School in Northern California, opening, September, 2004



There are many professionals knowledgeable about NLD who provide presentations and inservice training and workshops.  For someone in your area, email NLDline with specifics (city, state and dates).

In addition, Sue Thompson provides presentations to individual groups and staff inservice training and workshops to school districts.  To inquire about her availability or to make arrangements please call (925) 944- 9765 and leave a message.


See our Calendar section for more information.


Thank you in advance for letting us know of  NLD resource people from your area and any other referrals that you think would benefit parents and professionals networking through us.

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