Helpful NLD Hints for Parents and Other Caregivers

  • Expect him to misinterpret the connotations of certain words. If he is frustrated, it is probably something to do with words: either he has stated something that someone has not understood the way he meant it (he may have a special connotation for the word "goal" for example) or else someone else (a child or teacher, etc) has stated something that he has not understood the way they meant it so there was a misunderstanding.
  • Often a misinterpretation comes from a word that is "charged" for the child. This will trigger his response and will indicate that a re-interpretation of the word or idea may be in order. (Sarcasm, idioms - i.e.: "Let’s ‘run’ to the store", double meanings, wisecracks and even jokes - all may be "charged" words)
  • When the connotation of words is set straight with patient listening and explaining on the part of the caregiver, frustration can be mitigated.

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