A Teenage NLD Moment

Becky, 13, had been involved in a group at school called "The Meeting Place". It  was formed with a grant to the school nurse, drug counselor and a few women  students from our local university. It met every other week for 2 hours and it  was a "mentoring" program for girls with problems in school, home and with  social skills problems. It was the closet thing we could find to a social skills group. Becky always enjoyed the group, but would constantly complain  about the nurse not liking her. The group had its last meeting 2 weeks ago  and just this morning Becky tells me about how mean the nurse is to her. 

It seems as a last day celebration the girls had an ice cream sundae party. They  all made their sundaes and were told they could go get seconds if they wanted to. Heather made a 2 cd sundae and the nurse said "Becky, you really didn't need to put that much whipped cream on yours. I don't know why I bother doing this group. It's more work than I need and no one appreciates it. I shouldn't have bothered" Becky turned to her and innocently said, "No one's making you do it, why don't you quit if you don't like it?" The nurse, insulted, said "I should get an apology from you for that, but I'm sure I won't!" ...and she didn't.

Becky is still oblivious to why the nurse is upset. Her response is, "I just told her the truth".