Helpful Hints from the Grooming Guru

 Today it's all about managing your mane.  Hair actually grows all over your body in one form or another.  In your nose it catches airborne particulate matter so that you do not inhale it in your lungs.   In your ears it works to keep your balance.  On your body it can help to protect you from the sun.  Millions of years ago, in the pre historic era, it kept early man warm. 

First of all, it is mandatory for you to shower each day.  Since you’re already in the shower it is an easy thing to do and you will look so much better for it!

Put your head under the running water and get it soaked.  Next use a good handful of shampoo and distribute it around your head using your hands.  Next start scrubbing in a circular motion until you have covered your entire scalp.  Rinse your head with the running water and lift and move your hair so the water can penetrate all the strands and rinse away dirt, pollutants and scalp debris.  Rinsing away the shampoo is just as important as the act of lathering.  If you do not adequately rinse, your hair will look dull, lifeless and greasy.  

For those who have dry or brittle hair a good conditioner is in order.   This product is applied in much the same way and then rinsed out as well.

I am sure that many of you have experienced "dandruff" from time to time.  It might come as a surprise but did you know that real dandruff is rare?  That in fact flakes are really dried shampoo residue?  Why is that residue there?  I can tell you!  It's lack of adequate rinsing!  So when you think you have rinsed enough... Rinse some more. 

 Lisa Colhoun

The Grooming Guru


Today and everyday it should be about taking care of your personal hygiene.  I am talking about a routine.  I am an expert in Grooming and I want all of you to benefit from that..  I thought today would be a good time to write you a list of what you should do each day when you get up in the morning.  You may want to print this list out and tape it to your bathroom mirror or the bathroom door.  Wherever you tape it I expect you to read it and follow it every day without exception.  Grooming is not a "maybe I'll do it today " kind of thing.  It is critical that you take care of your bodies now and get the habit going because I am telling you..... People do not want to hang out with smelly and un kept looking individuals.  This could translate to your not getting into the college of your choosing if you look like a slob at the interview, or even a job later on in life.  Imagine this.  You are the boss of a big company.  A person comes in for the interview. The person smile at you and that person has green moss growing on their front teeth.  EWWWW  YUCK...  because of the disgusting green teeth you would think that they won't take care of business since they didn't see their very own gross teeth or can’t be bothered to brush their teeth (lazy?).... So seemingly you decide to hire someone else and old rotten tooth ends up on dole because he doesn't groom himself.  So you see... there are consequences for not taking proper measures in grooming.  (Get out your dictionary and look up dole if you don't know what it is} Hint:  Not Pineapple~  Each morning  ~Shower using a deodorant soap and rinse well. Wash your hair with shampoo.  Shave (your face if you are a dude and your legs and arm pits if you are a chick) Apply deodorant to your armpits.  Brush your teeth and comb your hair.  Put on CLEAN CLOTHES (not ones that you wore yesterday or slept in)  Now you can go and eat a nutritious healthy breakfast. This is a condensed list and I am sure that you can add in your own rituals like blow drying your hair or taking some medication if that is what you need to do... but all in all that covers it and I expect to see it done.  Incidentally it would not hurt a bit if you would read at the very least the front page of the newspaper so that you start to become aware of what is going on in the world around you.  Have a clean week! 

Lisa Colhoun  The Grooming Guru 

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