Gentle Brother

My son has NLD. My daughter does not. Life as siblings can be quite difficult for them both at times. But I am always amazed , and warmed by their compassion for one another. We three went out to dinner one night. My daughter was fussing with her hair ribbon, and pulled it off in anger as she could not get it to stay on properly. It was a part of an outfit I bought her. She wanted to look just right. She pouted, and was near tears. My son put his arm around her and said " It's alright. You are beautiful without it." He was so tender, and sincere that I was filled with pride in his beauty as a human being. He is often this way with his sister. She responds the same way to him when he is saddened, hurt, or unhappy. As difficult as it can be for a person with NLD to relate to others, It is in their souls to love.

Just someone's Mommy.