NLDline has heard from numbers of interested teachers.  These special educators want, as do we all, to learn more about NLD:  How do they teach these kids, how do they approach them, how do they get the students to perform when performance is a component of the disability.  Because of the interest, this Educating the Educators feature will be an attempt to help focus specific NLD ideas and information for the classroom.

Five Homework Strategies for Teachers of Kids with Learning Disabilities

Helpful Classroom Ideas

The Complex Task(s) of Copying

Quiz Lab

Quiz- taking Help

Teen site for structured writing papers

Talk to SLP's

Bullyproofing the Classroom

Teachers and Teaching, a firsthand account from author and teacher, Deborah Green

Teaching Tips For Teachers of NLD Students

Letter from a Early Childhood Teacher

Sue Thompson's NLD Article

Rondalyn Whitney's NLD Article

Social Skills Education

More on Teaching Social Skills

Mrs. Hopkins

Teacher Resources (from the Burlington NH School District Website)

Rules of all kinds