Driving and the Soul

Just to show how NLD and the ethereal often don't mix, at least not without a few grains of salt:
When my father passed away a few years ago, Pammie was quite upset at his cremation. Being a literal thinker, she thought that her grandfather had been put through terrible pain during the process. A well meaning friend of mine tried to explain the concept of the soul leaving the body to her using the metaphor of a person getting out of a car that was to be scrapped. "The driver was inside it, driving, when the car ran, and it took him places. But when it didn't run anymore, he got out. The car went to the scrap yard, so it could be made into other things. But he's not in the car anymore.The car doesn't hurt to be scrapped, and the driver didn't hurt, either. That's sort of what happens with our souls and our bodies. Do you understand?" Pammie frowned and replied, "But Pop-Pop couldn't drive, so he didn't have a car."