Dear Interested Parent:

My name is Bonny Forrest and I am a doctoral student at Teachers College, Columbia University. I am posting this to you as an interested parent of the Nonverbal Learning Disabilities website, NLDline . As part of my dissertation research I am interested in understanding the relationship among math skills, executive function and social abilities in children with Nonverbal Learning Disabilities when compared with other children. I am looking for eight and nine-year old children who have at least a 12 point difference between there Verbal and Performance Factor scores on the WISC. Subjects may participate in one of two ways. First, the measures can be given as part of a standard neuropsychological assessment. Second, if any of the tests are not part of your neuropsychologist's standard assessment then arrangements may be able to be made for the additional tests to be administered by the Investigator. If you would be willing to have your child participate in this study, or if you have any additional questions please contact me at

The research assessment will include the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children-Third Edition (if scores are not already available), KeyMath-Revised, Wide Range Achievement Test-Third Edition, Grooved Pegboard Test, Visual Motor Integration Test, Trails A & B, and portions of the NEPSY. The scores on these cognitive and achievement tests will be analyzed for this research study. 

Should you decide to participate and to allow your child to participate, we will ask him/her to complete a number of tests. These will include standardized assessment instruments to be administered at a small table. As part of these tests your child will also be asked to sit in front of a television monitor and watch a series of scenes that appear on the screen. Different emotional states and social situations will be presented and your child will try to identify the emotions that are being expressed during the situations. The social assessment will take between 20 and 40 minutes depending on the pace of the child and the other tests will take approximately 2 to 4 hours.

As the parent or legal guardian of the child participating in this study, we will request you to provide us with additional information about the social functioning of your child. You will be asked to complete two personality and behavior questionnaires regarding your child, which will take 25 to 50 minutes. 

We hope this study will lead to a better understanding of how children use emotional cues, eventually leading to a greater ability to diagnose Nonverbal Learning Disabilities, a better understanding of the relationship of math skills, planning abilities and social abilities, and to the design of new intervention strategies. 

Information related to you will be treated in strict confidence to the extent of the law. Your identity will be coded and will not be associated with any published results. Your code number an identity will be kept in a locked file. All assessment protocols will be used for research purposes only as part of a doctoral dissertation and will not be released for any other reason. It is likely that the information will be used as the basis for a series of articles on Nonverbal Learning Disabilities but absolutely no identifying information will be made available in those articles.