Dear All,

If you live in or near the Boston, MA area, there is a research project happening at Beth Israel Hospital. Call Dana Gastich at Mass General Hospital (617) 726  0307 email: if you're interested.  To qualify, you have to be 16 or older with an official diagnosis of NLD (a neuropsychological report is best).  

They are recruiting subjects for their Face Study and for future research.

Addendum from the investigators:

An official diagnosis is not necessary but neuropsychological testing is, preferably with raw scores. There are actually two studies, each taking about a half day. One involves eye movements and the other involves face processing. 

Here are our recruitment criteria:
- Ages 16-60
- Life-long history of problems with social relationships
- Difficulty producing and/or interpreting nonverbal communications
- Normal VIQ (greater than or equal to 90)
- Normal basic language functions (eg. single word reading, spelling)
- Neuropsychological evaluation results available with the subject's written permission 


Dana Gastich

Massachusetts General Hospital

36 First Avenue, 4th Floor

Charlestown, MA 02129

(617) 726 0307