Date: 9/14/02 11:32:27 AM Pacific Daylight Time

This message is from Pete and Pam Wright.

We receive many requests from people who ask us to come to their city or state to provide legal and/or advocacy training. If you have not already reviewed our "FAQ" page, you will want to do that first. Please go to: and read that info before continuing.

First, we do not plan, arrange or schedule training sessions ourselves. We are just Pete and Pam Wright -- we do not have the staff or resources to put on conferences. When we speak at conferences, we do this because a group or organization has contracted with us and is taking care of logistics.

Over the past couple of years, individuals, acting on their own, and organizations across the country as far as Hawaii, have arranged for us to provide training in their areas. These individuals and organizations found creative ways to get funding for this training.

Some have used grants and/or solicited assistance from businesses, hospitals, medical firms, and law firms. In other cases, two or three groups pooled their resources to bring us in.

We help these organizations by marketing events through our newsletter. We also help promote events through the local news media.

Pete has a very active trial practice. Pam writes books and articles, publishes newsletters, and builds websites. These responsibilities force us to limit our out-of-town travel. 

If you think you may want us to do an advocacy presentation in your area or to your group, please follow this link -

This will take you to a a private secure directory. You will be asked to enter a username and password.

The username is: VIP
The password is also: VIP

(You must use capital letters.)

When you get to this directory, you will see several files and subdirectories.

Open the 1readme.first.txt file and read it first. This file tells you how to access other files in these subdirectories.

One file contains information about scheduling, fees, etc. Other files are sample agendas for 6, 9 and 12 hour programs.

In the subdirectories are biographical information, photos, news clippings, brochures from prior conferences, etc.

Thank you for your interest.

If, after reviewing the information in that secure subdirectory, you want to pursue this further, send an email to us at and put in the subject line:


and follow that subject line format in all subsequent emails.

In your subsequent email to, please note that  you have reviewed the information about fees, costs, etc, in the subdirectory, tell us when you think you might want to set up a program, and whether you are interested in a one day, day and a half, or two day, or not sure. Again, in the subject line of your email, please be sure it starts out with, all caps, CONFERENCE YOUR STATE YOUR LAST NAME, for example, CONFERENCE VIRGINIA WRIGHT, etc.


Pete & Pam Wright