NLDline is pleased to open its chatrooms to all those interested in sharing information on NLD and networking together.  Here are a few guidelines that will help to make these chatrooms successful:

Once on the chatline, please CHANGE your "Anonymous###" to your own chatname.

While the free and open exchange of ideas and information is certainly encouraged, the NLDline Chatrooms will follow the same rules as most others: No "flame-throwing" (offending others with rude or inappropriate remarks), and  no shameless self-promotion of web sites, books, commercial products or therapies.  We want the NLDline Chat to be a safe place to post your messages, so if you're unsure about the appropriateness of your message, it would be better to email NLDline, and your question will be answered as quickly as possible. Thank you for your participation and for your cooperation in following these guidelines.

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