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Vital Sounds Therapy
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The Relationship of Learning, Attention Deficits and Auditory Processing Disorders Dr. Kim Tillery
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Defining Auditory Processing Schwablearning.org
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Article on Processing Disorders  http://www.ld.org/info/indepth/processing.cfm
Schwab Learning Article on Auditory Processing 10 22 01
Living and Working With a Central Auditory Processing Disorder (CAPD) by Judith W. Paton, M.A., Audiologist - From the REBUS Institute Report, Spring, 1993
http://www.eeadopt.com/home/parenting/development/language/capd/ Excellent Resource
Central Auditory Processing Disorders (CAPD's) by Judith W. Paton, M.A., Audiologist
CAPD's What Are They? American Speech-Language-Hearing Association
CAPD Q & A with Dr. Jerome Schultz Family Education Network
Book:  Central Auditory Processing Disorders by Gay Masters and Katz
Book:  When the Brain Can't Hear by Terry James Bellis

Identifying and Remediating Auditory Processing Difficulties: An Interview with Terri Cinotti of SUNY Buffalo 

 by Alice E. Gerard 
http://rmlearning.com/auditoryprocessing.htm The Listening Program
Kid's Health website on CAPD

Auditory Processing Disorder in Children

By: National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (2004)  from LDOnline