I was at a neurology appointment with my 6 yr old NLD child. It was at a major university research institution - the kind where you see the nurse, the med student, the resident, and then finally the "real" neurologist. Altogether about a 4 hour endeavor. Somewhere between the resident and the "real" neurologist, I had to call home and tell the babysitter that I would be much later than expected. Of course, I elaborated about how ridiculous it was to see all of these professionals, repeat myself endless times, and how I thought it was rude of the physicians to take so long. As you could predict, when the "real" neurologist entered the room, my daughter proceeded to tell him how ridiculous it was that she had to see all these different people, repeat herself and how rude it was of him to take so long. Of course, I had to scold her for her inappropriate comments, even though I was cheering inside!