The Sea

The sea. A beautiful shore sparkling on the sand.
Monster size waves!
A safe place. A cave filled with laughter,
happiness and peace.
A wave comes over you.
A shield from the sun.
A place away from your troubles.
Everything freezes. EEE! A seagull flies
over to a place where her babies live in peace.
High. Away from the splashing.
Settles in her nest.
Home. Splash! Another wave sweeps over you.
You forget your troubles.
Suddenly you realize that everything connects in life.
The world is a part of a nine planet solar system,
which is a part of a never-ending universe filled with black holes, and
maybe other life.
It all amazes you.

It is a puzzle with 800 finity pieces. It is a web.
The ocean is just an inch of it. The seagulls are an inch of the inch. 
"Wow," you think.
It can't be explained, yet it is true.
It could have who knows what out in space.
Billions of millions of infinity things haven't even yet been named.
Our earth doesn't cause a lot of change out there.
"Well, for now I'm going to live in the present," you think.
Still, you can't help but wonder about all the questions,
so many not discovered on the earth and all of the answers to the
And all of the questions everywhere which could go on forever
Telling them. Thinking them.
I wonder.

Calen Nakash
Age 10