The Broken Glasses

My 10 year old nephew, who lives with me, broke his glasses for the 4th time in the 7 months since he got them. This time I asked him to describe exactly how he broke them.

He said "The teacher told me to put my head on the desk." Since I had just read all the articles on the internet about NLD, I asked him to demonstrate how this resulted in broken glasses.

He dropped his head to the table WITHOUT PUTTING HIS ARMS DOWN FIRST. I asked him why he hadn't put his arms down first, and demonstrated what I meant.

He looked at me like I was crazy, and said "She didn't tell us to put our arms on the table, just our heads."

This is a classic example of "literal" understanding. I explained how to put your head down, and he seemed very relieved. And I now make very sure I include every step when giving new directions.

-Belinda Blacketer